Issue #2 “Planting Seeds: For Our Future” Now Available For Purchase!

In this second edition of The Beartaria Times Magazine, titled “Planting Seeds: For Our Future,” we bring the community together to share resources, tutorials and experiences in learning new skills and starting new projects!

Issue #2 “Planting Seeds,” was a limited run issue of 2500 magazines.

We learned a lot from our first issue, and we are excited to roll out our second issue as we gravitate to more resource and instructional type content.

Issue #1 “Origins” Is Now Sold Out.

In this first edition of The Beartaria Times Magazine titled “Origins – A Revealing of Legends” we brought the community together to share origin stories, lessons learned, useful resources and much more in a 100 page high quality magazine!

“Origins” was a limited run of 3000 copies. The first ever Beartaria Times Magazine!

When placing a pre-order, you will be charged and your shipping address saved for shipment via The Excellent United States Postal Service. Shipment estimates for pre-orders may take 1-2 months.